Leadership and Management Workshops

Group dynamics/ Team Building

“Great teams don’t start out great but rather learn how to reach extraordinary performance” Peter Senge.

This dynamic programme is based on creating teams that work towards a shared vision and becoming high performing, effective self-managed teams. Organisations are able to fulfill their vision and be effective when their ‘people’ share the vision, are committed and align their actions to this vision. The programme develops participants’ ability to:

  • Understand their own social style (Pros and Cons)
  • Why they are able to get along with some people better than others and how they can build similar productive professional relationships with all team members
  • Understand the importance of appropriate communication skills
  • Understand how to examine their own assumptions about others and themselves
  • Develop a set of Team Values that each member ascribes to
  • Develop an understanding of the team development process
  • Understand the various stages that teams go through and how to ensure continual forward momentum

Leading Diversity

The leading and management of diversity programme focuses on not only building awareness of diversity dimensions but also the necessary skills to effectively manage and lead diverse teams. The approach focuses on not only the visible diversity dimensions such as race, gender, physical ability but also those dimensions that make each individual unique. The programme can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. Our programme focuses on developing knowledge, changing attitudes and developing the right skills by using various interactive activities and models.

At the end of the programme participants would have an understanding of, and have developed the necessary skills to engage effectively within a diverse group.

  • Understanding Culture and Tradition
  • Understanding the multiple diversity dimensions and using these dimensions to be able to create an understanding of multiple group identities
  • Creating an Environment where diversity thrives
    • Components creating generative listening
    • Communication – Allowing Diverse people to think well for themselves
  • How to lead and manage diversity in order to benefit from diversity at multiple levels

Leadership and Management 

“…indeed, the successful leader will have, not the loudest voice, but the readiest ear and his or her genius may well lie, not in personal achievement, but in unleashing the potential talent of others” Warren Bennis.

Our leadership development programme focuses on developing the appropriate skills needed for leaders to succeed. The programme helps leaders improve their;

  • Developing an understanding of the various leadership styles and how their leadership style affects their team
  • Develop their listening skills in order to ignite the thinking of their team members
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Ability to motivate and inspire their team members
  • Develop an understanding of how to lead a diverse group of people in terms of their social styles and get the best out of each team member
  • Understand what people look for in a leader and how to develop those competencies
  • It helps leaders understand the influence they have in their organisation and how what they do reverberates through their circles of influence.

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